Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Things can only get better? WRONG!

Just when I started to believe things would get better ...

  1. Firstly, at 10am my partner gets a call from the brickie saying that the brick hoist doesn’t work. He calls up the scaffolding people and arranges for someone to have a look at it asap. The issue was resolved within 3 mins or so.
  2. At around 11am my partner gets a call from the brickie again, this time complaining about the scaffolding, something to do with it not being safe. By the way, we made sure our brickie met up with the scaffolding guy, so he would give him all his requirements just to make sure he’s getting what he needs. The brickie also checked out the scaffolding after it had been installed. My partner arranges for the scaffolding guy to be there as soon as possible. Once investigated the scaffolding guy informs our brickie that the maximum load for that particular bay is 400kg at any one time. Brickie calls my partner again, moans and groans, and what not.
  3. At around 3:30pm my partner gets a call yet again, but this time it is from the materials (sand, cement etc) people. They tell him that the gate is locked and they can’t get in. My partner told the brickie this morning that sand etc is coming at 3:30pm and to make sure he is there... He calls the brickie, only to find out that they all left at 2:20pm!!! My partner leaves work and rushes to the block to open up the gate ...
  4. Once he gets at the block, he finds McDonald’s wrappers all over the site, even though he specifically asked the brickie to make sure rubbish is placed in the rubbish bin provided.
  5. On top of all this, they emptied out the rubbish bin provided to use it to keep water in it!!!
I am seriously beginning to think that things DO NOT GET BETTER!

So devastated right now :(

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