Friday, 30 November 2012

A photo + Friday Features

How gorgeous is this shot of my little cousin? One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, I think.  In other news, it's WEDDING WEEKEND! I'm off to San Antonio today to complete maid of honor duties in my best friend's wedding... exciting times. I love the progression of LIFE. School graduations, weddings, babies, birthdays, holidays full of family. Makes me so excited to start my own little family one of these days, and begin the cycle over again.  Life is such a privilege.

But enough of that sappy stuff. Here are my featured sponsors for you today! Happy, happy Friday...

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L'esthetique is a blog by one gorgeous girl named Tiana, whom I have had the absolute privilege of some lovely email exchanges with and who you can just TELL oozes warmth and joy and natural beauty. Gosh, am I gushing or what? No but really, L'esthetique is a wonderful blog where style and beauty are both shared and gained. Get to know Tiana better here (go ahead, drool over that picture of her), and don't miss today's style post that is pretty much perfection. Inner AND outer beauty AND intelligence? Check, check, and check again.

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Next up is another special treat for you: the completely lovely Meg of Write Meg! Meg is aaaallll of my favorite things: an avid writer, a voracious reader, a lover of photography, a baker of cupcakes, an East-coaster, and... well... you'll just have to go here to get to know her more. One thing I love about Write Meg! are all of her thoroughly fabulous book reviews (this girl reads A LOT), so if you're in the market for some new reading material, consult Meg first. She is THE authority on such things. :) 

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Last but certainly not least is your little piece of antique-shopping paradise, Ruby Lane. If you or someone you know might like to contain some vintage and antique shopping to the Internet this holiday season, this online store is THE MECCA of such things... old books, vintage jewelry and clothes, and even antique furniture. Have fun with it!

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Have a great weekend...

Feature Friday: Little Black Door

Today I am featuring the home of Elizabeth from Little Black Door. You are going to love her mixing of prints and her injection of color in her home.

Here is how she describes her design style:

"My style is as difficult to pinpoint as my natural hair color. I grew up in a very traditional home, design wise, and that has definitely influenced my style. However, I love nothing more than messing with tradition. Color plays a big role in all that I do and a variety of different fabrics and patterns are vital. Beauty and comfort are of equal importance and a sense of humor always manages to sneak in.  I always try to achieve something that feels familiar but looks unique. My home is far from complete, but the journey is what I enjoy the most".


Read more about this Entry here.

Read more about the living room here.

You can read more about this dining room here.

You can read more about the master bedroom here.

You can read more about the gallery wall here.

Read more about the kitchen here.

Read more about the bathroom here

Read more about the family room here .

Read more about the outdoor space here.

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for letting me feature her beautiful home. Make sure you check out her blog here