Friday, 30 August 2013

Photo shoot with Smitten Imagery

Last month I had the real pleasure of working with Brittney of Smitten Imagery for the second time - remember these? That was back when she had a different biz name! I am so proud of Brittney and all she's accomplished in the last couple of years - she's truly honed her skills and even started shooting film, which accounts for most of these images. I feel so lucky to count her among my friends and fellow professionals. I've learned so much from her already! She is actually the one who first recommended I try this tutorial I'm always raving about. I am so incredibly grateful that she did.

Brittney and my sister in law and I had an amazing time at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell, practicing boudoir photography indoors and frolicking around outdoors in the fields for some regular portraits. Below are a few of my favorites from our outdoor photos! Don't hesitate to hire Brittney if you're anywhere near the Houston/The Woodlands area. Girl knows her stuff, and she'll make you look gooood. ;)

dress from Madewell (on sale!)
And now for today's featured SOML sponsors! Pay these lovely ladies a visit - I think you'll be glad you did!
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Girl Meets Baby is an incredibly beautiful blog by an incredibly beautiful girl called O.E. - learn a little more about that name AND the lady behind it right over here! I think you'll be smitten with her unique and captivating writing style after just one post - like perhaps one of her Therapy Thursdays entries like this one. Amazing, right? If that hasn't convinced you yet, read this one. Absolutely beautiful. Reads like a book you don't want to put down, right? You will love this girl, her sweet family, and her truly one-of-a-kind blog. 

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After April is a blog by another total sweetheart named Amber Marie - fall in love with her right over here. Amber Marie started After April a month after her father passed away - she turned something tragic and hard into something that motivated her to put beauty out there into the world. I have had the pleasure of getting to know this girl via the blog world, and she is just one of those you'll love to meet. Read her post called "Perspective Object" here - it's one of my favorites, and really makes you think. Enjoy!

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Happy Friday :)

Feature Friday: Perfectly Imperfect

Today I am featuring the home of Shaunna from the blog Perfectly Imperfect. Shaunna is a seriously talented painter and her home is a great reflection of her talent. 


l i v i n g   r o o m

d i n i n g   r o o m

p l a y r o o m

g i r l 's   r o o m

Read more about this room here

g u e s t   r o o m

t h e   o f f i c e

Thanks so much to Shaunna for letting me feature her home! Make sure you check out her blog here

To see homes that have been featured in the past go here.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

little letters of gratitude...celebrating the best of one year of blogging

Little letters of gratitude after a year of blogging:
- to all the lovely people who have stopped by for a visit on these pages
- and the even lovelier people who came back and told their friends
- for the amazing brands I have been privileged to work with
- and for every blogger out there who has shared their tips and tricks and helped me get better
- to my lovely friends and family who have supported my creative space and blog obsession
- to every person who commented (it really makes my day)

Thought I would share my favourite posts and yours, just in case you missed anything.  Thanks for reading and making the last year so rewarding.

What do you think?  Were these your favourites too?

Looking back its been quite a year!  I started blogging to join in the global blog conversation, and along the way I: 
- found some lovely readers
- met wonderful bloggers
travelled all the way to Salt Lake City to be part of Alt Summit
- worked with amazing brands
- and had a whole lot of creative fun 

Its been wonderful and looking back I can see how I have grown and how the blog has developed its own flavour and style.  Can't wait to know what happens next year...hope you will be along for the ride.

My Sister's Wedding

Last month my beautiful sister Sarah got married to the love of her life. My sister is one of the most amazing girls I have ever known so I could not have been happier for her. She is crazy smart, incredibly kind, super creative, positive, happy and seriously gorgeous. It was so fulfilling to see her end up with an equally amazing guy. 

All the pictures were taken by Brooke Shultz Photography

They got married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Her invitations are from Minted. They are the Floral Frame Wedding invitation. 

The reception was held at Wadley Farms. The venue was amazing! The site was so picturesque and serene. 

Sarah and Gil's wedding was a fairy-tale and the perfect beginning to their happily ever after...

Photographs by Brooke Shultz Photography