Monday, 26 September 2011

We are in!!!!

We've officially moved in! The fridge is in the kitchen. Skirting boards are almost finished. The site was levelled yesterday and the garden bed outside of the laundry was marked. Gas meter was installed yesterday so we've now got hot water :)

Our lounge doesn't fit in the family room :( so Mr B has put it in the sitting room. I am quite upset by this as it's not what I had planned. I wanted new sofas etc in the sitting room. I really don't want to buy new ones for the family room. Ughhhh

Also, we decided to do 49m of good neighbour fencing ourselves :(
Or should I day my dad is doing it and we are helping him.

We've been so busy with the move and fencing that Mr B hasn't managed to so any electrical work. But we do have most of the open living area powerpoints working. We've also got 2 downlights working in the kitchen and another 2 above the staircase. These are really good as they manage to light up most of the house due to such a large void and openness downstairs.

I am going to clean up the rental now. My legs are throbbing and I am going back to work tomorrow. Can't wait to relax a bit.

Hope you are all having a great week.


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