Monday, 22 August 2011

Hedges and front yard landscaping

Our site started getting leveled and cleaned up on Sunday... and the driveway, walkway, front fence/gate footings and the rest of the concrete is going to happen in the next few weeks. I want square hedges on either sides of the walkway to the front door. As it currently stands, the hedges strip will be 1.6m wide (0.6m wider than the wakway to the front door). Is this too wide? How much room is normally required by a standard size hedge?

Also, Mr B has agreed to a greenery strip in between the driveway and fence on the right hand side. YAY!!!!

I hope Jane and Lance, the landscaping experts will be able to pop in as well :)

PS. I filled around 1000 nail holes over the weekend, and the butt joints in between the boards (upstairs only) ... while Mr B finished the rest of the powerpoint and downlight/speaker cut outs downstairs.


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