Thursday, 27 October 2011

Need to buy a new Quilt Cover :)

Thanks to KL I just found out about Moss River bed linen. I would like to purchase a nice quilt cover and some pillow cases. I am a white bedlinen lover, but don't mind a bit of texture :)

Which one of the following three quilt covers would you suggest?

100% Combed Cotton Sateen self-stripe. 400 Thread Count. Features Oxford borders

100% Cotton Honeycomb Weave

100% Combed Cotton Percale. 300 Thread Count. Features Oxford borders with 2 rows of pintuck stitching

I am liking the Honeycomb one the best, but I would also like to get a nice but functional throw for the bed as well. And I want to make sure that the quit cover goes with it ... I would like a throw that we can use in winter over the quilt for extra warmth... but during the day have over the bed like this:

Any suggestion on the material/colour would be greatly appreciated :)


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