Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Floating tv unit

 I really want a custom made floating unit in our family room. The only problem is that the wall (2.7m long) I want it on is next to a hallway, not a majour one, but still ... I am a bit paranoid about how far out (towards the hallway) to go without increasing the risk of one hurting themself. Obviously I would like it to be as long as possible... but what do you think would be practical/safe?

How far out from the door should we indent it? Also, I just realised that due to the powerpoints being so low, we won't be able to hung is very high off the ground... above skirting board height... is that ok? Would love to hear your thoughts about the safety of sharp floating tv units :)

PS. Our final piece of the ensuite mirror was installed on Saturday and it looks amazing! :)
Now if only our CS guys would get their act together and send us an invoice so we can finally have the vanity completed.

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