Tuesday, 8 November 2011

We've been threatened!!!

Talk about unprofessional! Earlier today, our concretor rang Mr B ... threatened that he would smash our house, rip up all the concrete (and leave it there) and bring more rubbish from jobs he is working on and dump it all on our property. He also told him to “go f himself” and then hung up!!!

So this guy is a licensed builder, but doesn't actually pour the concrete. He gets contractors to do this... He does do the excavations though... He did our foundations for both the house and the detached garage and we were happy with the job... which is why he decided to go with him for the driveways, fence footings and concrete around both house and detached garage....

He had been promising us for months that he would get the concreting done, but would never actually turn up. A few months later they actually started... Because the job is so big they did the work over a few days, however it is still not finished. The driveway has not been done as well as the walkway to the front doors and the path around the front perimeter of the house... For the work they did do... the workmanship that we were left with was awful and we let him know that we were not happy with it. He agreed that it was awful and that he would make the concreters re-do parts of it... He then requested we pay him $2,000 so he could pay his labourers for the job they had done... Considering how long it took for him/them to start concreting, and the fact that what they had to done was just terrible, we didn’t want to risk losing $2,000 and then waiting months for them to come back, or even them not coming back at all and then having to get someone else to rip out all the concrete and pay for disposal of it etc... He wasn’t happy but promised that they would come back on Tuesday (yesterday) to rip out the defective work. Of course, they didn’t turn up... He then calls Mr B this morning to tell him that they are coming on Saturday and will be ripping out the concrete blab la bla (heard that before!). Anyway, towards the end he again asks for $2,000! Mr B refused to, and explained that until the defective work has been completed he would not be getting any money. The guy went OFF! Swearing, screaming, and threatening!

Can you believe it????

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