Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ugly, dirty clothes storage in our new walk in closet!!!

Mr B and I have an ANTONIUS dirty laundry storage system which in the past we've kept in the laundry. However, since our bedroom is now upstairs it would be way too much effort to go downstairs every time we needed to chuck something in this little thing. So we've been keeping it in our ensuite/walk through robe.

Now, you may or may not remember that we still haven't got our walk through robe fitted out (or even designed for that matter), but Mr B has asked me to incorporate this little storage unit into our walk through robe design. At first I thought "No way! It will throw out the symmetry/layout that I had in mind and looks ugly!". But now I am really considering incorporating it (on Mr B's side of course!) since it could easily be incorporated into the "long hanging" section...

But because we want easy access to it, it will need to be right next to the ensuite door, which is premium space, and I really wanted drawers there.... Ughhh.... compromises!

What do you think? Have I completely lost my mind or what? :)

Thank you Lanne for suggesting this wonderful system!!!
Our walk through/ensuite layout


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