Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Business + Bathrooms.

I have been such a bad blogger... I know. My life has been nothing but eat, sleep and work since Thanksgiving. Our house has turned into a warehouse, with an endless cycle of boxes in the foyer from FedEx, UPS and USPS. My office has become a shipping and processing facility, with my sweet assistant Brad helping me package orders past our bedtime every night.

But it's been oh so worth it.

My booth inside West Elm, 12/1

My first big show in Gainesville, 12/4

A day's worth of prints

Our house is so overrun by boxes and supplies that we were forced to reassign the hall closet with a new function tonight:

Not that I am complaining, I wouldn't have it any other way.

On to a few bathroom updates.

We got both of our showers refinished.

They are now a nice sparkling white. Goodbye last trace of almond in our house FOREVER!!!!!

We were planning on replacing the outdated chrome fixtures with nice modern ORB, however there was some sort of issue with the valve in the wall not being able to fit anything else, so we were stuck.

Spray paint to the rescue...

Brad lightly sanded the chrome finished to a brushed nickel and applied a few light coats of paint. (sidenote: Rustoleom's verison of ORB is a lot more accurate than Krylon's. It has the gold sheen dimension, whereas Krylon looks flat black indoors).

We're quite pleased with the results. We've used the shower/bath a few times and no issues yet, so fingers crossed!

Quick comparison shot:

And there you have it. The first and only "fully completed" room in the house.

And now for the master bath.....

I feel like I'm in a scrubbing bubbles commercial. This new white tile is ah-mazing. Did you notice the snazzy new ORB fixtures too? Love.

How about this before & after...

We also added some storage above the toilet:

Shelves: Lowes, Baskets: Walmart

And we finally installed our tp holder, robe hooks and towel holders (sorry, forgot to snap a pick of the first two)

And one of my favorite parts... remember these impossibly perfect porcelain containers I scored at Michaels?

This is why they are so perfect:

They were made for this little pocket. We also built this handy shelf out of a piece of leftover wood and some ebony stain. Once I take some official after pics I'll get a better shot. That shelf is my favorite in person.

That about sums it up for now... still working on replacement rope handles for the vanity (if I only had the time)... and getting a nice new wide angle lens so I can take some decent after pictures. I'll do what I can to post updates, but until Christmas is over and the insanity subsides... you'll just have to wait patiently :)

Back to work!

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