Tuesday, 20 December 2011

More fancy shmancy!

We've got 4 hot water controllers throughout the house. One in each bathroom and in the kitchen. The main bathroom has a deluxe bathroom controller which allows you to set how many litres you want it to fill the bath up with - and you can just walk away until it does its business. It has other features but I haven't explored those yet.

These allow us to override the maximum hot water temperature from 50C to 55C which is perfect in the kitchen for those greasy dishes. Deluxe kitchen controller

And most importantly these allow us to set the perfect temperature for showering so we can just flick the mixer on the hot side without having to mix with cold water. Saving a bit of energy as the hot water doesn't have to heat up to 50C only for us to cool it down to 40C.

Best features:
  • Precise temperature control
  • Automatic bath fill function
  • Shower saver feature preset your desired litres
MrB installed these on Sunday :)

Very fancy shmancy!


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