Friday, 8 November 2013

A few recent favorites

Hey hey, happy Friday! Today I thought I'd share a handful of my favorite photos from recent sessions. Maybe I'll do this once a month-ish...? These images sure do impact the "story of my life" at the moment. ;) Visit the j. noel photography website, blog, or Facebook page to see more, if you so desire! Happy Friday!

Please take a moment to check out today's featured SOML sponsors, as well! Some really fantastic bloggers here today....

Hello there, I'm Katie! I blog over at Hope Engaged. A few years ago, my handsome husband Kevin and I began to ask ourselves if our marriage was making the world a lovelier place. This led us to move into an immigrant neighborhood in our native Orange County and open our home and hearts to the families there. It changed our lives. This past year, we were asked to move to Nepal to work at an aftercare home for girls rescued out of sex trafficking. It was an incredible experience to serve together with my best friend (a few thoughts on marriage here), and was equally amazing to watch God use my husband to redeem the view of men for the girls in the home! We just recently got back! Kev and I love to travel and have lived/backpacked/visited friends in almost 40 countries. A few recent travel posts from Thailand can be found here.  I also host aphoto-shoot link-up on the 15th of each month which I'd love to invite you to join! Mostly, I'm just a girl that loves Jesus, people, and a good adventure (like the time we almost died)! Excited to meet you! 

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Hello dear friends. Like Ordinary Life is the lifestyle blog of me, Tina, believer in ordinary miracles and cat whisperer extraordinaire (I like dogs, too, promise). I am a first time wifepr professional and social media guru by day, former pre-k teacher, curator of ordinary moments (here's a recent good one), and an okay friend. Though, I hope you can see past that because I love making new friends. Anyway, I'd love for you to visit and say hello. I blog about my rather ordinary adventures with my husband, my nail polish obsession, oh, and Christmas. I'm a Christmas freak so stick around because that's going to be happening sooner than we realize, isn't it? So, anyway, while I plug away at life over here in the DC area (I work in Alexandria, commute through DC, and live in Annapolis- yikes), I'd love to "meet" you online. Come say hello. :)

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