Monday, 4 November 2013

Would this letterbox style suit a brick face fence?

So we have finally found a bricklayer to do our front fence. And just when I thought I had the letterbox sorted out, I came across these custom made ones. Although, they look very modern and I am worried might not suit our traditional facade. What do you think? Should we stick with the original ones I had in mind?

We’ve got a 1.1m long wall to work with. What combination do you think would look best?

Also, what are your thoughts on A4 letterbox slots with no ability to drop off small parcels? Is that the standard these days? I have a love/hate relationship with junk mail and we don't and will not be having any magazine/newspaper subscriptions.

Our house and future brick fence:

These are the letterboxes I was thinking of getting initially...

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