Monday, 11 November 2013

I found fall

Pirouetting Autumn
The tree blushed - a rude blast of air

Betrayed a shapely bough. 

My saddened heart aware

That Nature's clock was chiming, 

I froze upon the twelfth 

Clanging tone, caught alone, 

Staring at a creaking door -

Left ajar for dancing, coloured Autumn, 

Pirouetting in her leaves, 

While agitated summer creatures

Backed away resignedly, 

Sighing in protracted breves.

I turned; gave company; 

We stood together, watching

Summer slowly blow away.

The one thing I'll never come to terms with about Austin is our lack of a consistent Autumn. In September, when it seems like the rest of the world is buzzing about the dropping temperatures and changing leaves and sweater weather and hot lattes, it's still a bazillion degrees here, and I begin to become extremely perturbed by our location within the hemisphere. Fall is just my favorite season, and we get ripped off a bit here in Texas. Teased with a few chilly days before the temps hike back up for a week. Teased for a few more chilly days, before the temps hike back up for a week. And so on and so forth. It may or may not even be cold on Thanksgiving and Christmas. So annoying!

But the conditions here this fall have made for a bit more leaf-changing, most especially at a little park where I held a photo session over the weekend (Old Settlers Park, for you curious Austinites). It was a hazy, chilly morning, and I drove up to scope out the lay of the land before my clients arrived and was so happily surprised by the beautiful colors I found. Damnit if they didn't make me want to run straight home for a hot bath and some spiced cider.

Enjoy your Monday, whatever part of the world you're in... :)

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