Friday, 13 December 2013

Some recent work + the last Friday Features ever

I'm so pleased to say that j. noel photography has been booming this season, as you know from my less frequent posting and more frequent admissions of chronic "busy-ness." I've had 17 shoots in just a little over a month, and more coming throughout December! Despite a bit of chaos in my Home life (or should I say Lack of a Home life? Still haven't closed on the dad-gum house!), I honestly feel more professionally and creatively fulfilled than ever. However, as I wrap up December and head into the new year, I plan to do things very differently in both my business and this blog. More on that later. :) 

For now, here's a few samples from some recent photo sessions, as well as what I'm thinking will probably be the last Friday Features to ever grace this blog. Like I said, big changes coming!


and PS - if you'd like to follow my work on the j. noel photography Facebook page, I'd love to see you there! It's the best place to keep up with me lately! :)

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Check out these beautiful ladies - like I said, the last ever Friday Features... :)

Hello SOML friends!  I’m Ashton and I play blog over at Landing On Love, where I share a little bit of everything from new recipesfun styledo it your-self projects, and current happenings.  I was raised as a Texas girl and couldn't think of a better place than Austin to settle down with my man friend/husband Tanner after we said “I Do”. I love great fashion and beauty finds that make life stylish and sparkly, but when my heels come off cowboy boots are next in line.  I’ve grown up hunting and fishing and still love a weekend at the ranch when the city gets a little too loud! Cooking is something I attempt daily, mainly because I have a sweet tooth problem,  but I must never get all the butter off my hands due to the amount of oopsies I have. I’m loving the community of friends LOL (Landing on Love; not to be confused with laughing out loudJ) has become, and would enjoy adding a few more to the group, so come over and say hello! 

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Hi there! My name is Kym and I blog over at Travel Babbles. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my husband TJ and our tubby English Bulldog, Brutus. You can learn more about all of us here. I started blogging back in 2010 when we moved to Germany for the first time, and since then I've documented our travels between Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Texas, and a second stop in Germany. Travel Babbles is my creative outlet, my diary, my recipe book, my photo album, and my travel journal. It's a collection of my favorite things, pieces of my heart, our hockey life, our loss, what inspires me, and the many things that make me smile. I hope that you'll stop by Travel Babbles to say hi, and that you'll enjoy my little space on the interwebs as much as I do. 

Let's connect on TwitterInstagram or Facebook, too - I look forward to chatting soon! xo

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Hi there! I'm Nicole, the lady behind Treasure Tromp, a blog about discovering life's little treasures one adventure at a time. I've been living and working in Cape Town, South Africa for the last 6 months but am about to make my move back to the great state of California with my fiancĂ©When I'm not working on my PhD program, teaching, or working on my research, I like to hike and camp, obsess over hedgehogs, and make a mess in the kitchen. On my blog you can read about my recent travels, learn some organization tips (and blogging tips!), and share in my love of wine. And don't forget to stop by on Thursdays for my Treat Yo Self link-up. In the meantime, you can read more about me, as well as check out some of my most popular posts. Can't wait to meet you!  

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