Monday, 16 December 2013

The most pictures of Matthew smiling you'll ever see, AKA law school graduation

Folks, it was a happy, happy day on Saturday... a milestone, really. Matthew graduated law school, half a year early, and with honors... and we couldn't be more proud. Law school is one of those things you apparently don't appreciate the magnitude and the difficulty of unless you've experienced it yourself. I, obviously, have NOT experienced it myself, but I had a very tiny taste of what my husband went through when I would read his papers, during which time I'd have actual flashes of jumping off a very tall building just to make it stop.

I remember sitting down at the kitchen table of our old home, over three years ago, having the law school discussion for the first time. I was taken aback because I didn't know it was Matthew's ambition to go to law school and because he had a great career going already, but education is always a good thing, and I DID know I had married a man with big ambition. So he began to study for the LSAT, applied to numerous law schools, and at that time our future was very much up in the air... as, in reality, it's been ever since and continues to be. We lived apart for two years since he studied in a different city and came home only on weekends, if at all, and Matthew himself has lived in five different places - at our old home, at an apartment for a year, with a friend, with his parents, and now with my mom. He's really the one who's done most of the sacrificing. And all this we did because we know the power of further education and it's ability to transform who you are as a person and how your life plays out, and because a few years is only the blink of an eye in the grand scheme.

During the time Matthew was hard at study and mostly away, I had to occupy myself somehow and also help pay our bills, so a little business was born that has now absolutely saved us financially and given me so much happiness and purpose. So all in all, law school has been a great thing and the beginning of many other great things, I'm sure of it.

Thank you for all your hard work, husband of mine... cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

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