Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another bargain for the house!!!

We got our ceiling fans and we loooove their quality. The recommended retail price is $387 as per the clipsal catalogue below. Guess how much we got them for through mr's work???? $155!!! Yayyy!!!

Now for the not so good part... We are having 6 of them :( - family room, sitting and 4 bedrooms.

Not sure which one we will be getting for the alfresco yet.

Includes reversible fan blades, black one side, silver the other.

A reversing switch on the fan motor allows you to run the fan in reverse during winter to prevent warm air collecting at the ceiling and circulate it around the room.

A wall mounted cradle is supplied to ensure you always have a location to store the remote when not in use.


• Energy efficient

• Infrared (IR) remote control

• High airflow performance

• Quiet operation

• 3 year warranty

• 1200mm (48”) to 1400mm (56”) diameter to suit most rooms

• Pre-wired and light adaptable

• Operate multiple fans from a single remote control

• Controls three (3) fan speeds

• Optional light control ON/OFF and dimming (when a light fitting is attached to the fans)

• Quick-install blades (4 blade models only)

• Hangsure mounting bracket. 

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