Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ideal drawer configurations

What do you consider to be the ideal drawer configurations?

We've got 5 sets of full height drawers, two on the island and three on the hotplate side of the kitchen.

I was originally thinking of having all top drawers 200mm high, and splitting the rest into two drawers of equal heights.

For the island, I am now thinking of having 2 x 200mm high drawers on top, and a deeper one at the bottom.

We are currently living in a tiny rental, with the smallest kitchen on the planet, and I have no idea what a well functioning kitchen should look like. So your help would be greatly appreciated :)

Hotplate side of the kitchen drawers:

Island drawers:
We are meeting our cabinetmaker on Monday, in order to finalise all the small details and I am panicking :(


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