Thursday, 30 June 2011

Where to put our clothes line?

I've just realised that we don't really have a spot dedicated for the clothes line. I was thinking it could go on the wall next to the sliding doors (marked green) but this area is only 1.2m x 0.82m. This is not sufficient for an average family, is it? And it will probably detract from the beauty of the plants as discussed in one of my previous posts (thank you Anette, Kellie, KL, M, Jane and A-M for your suggestions!).

Should we instead have the clothes line on the outside wall between the the gym/study and cinema windows? We plan to have a carport over this area in the future, which would be great as I prefer to dry my clothes under cover. However, it will be a longer walk from the laundry (I'm being too lazy now, aren't I?).

Would love to hear what you think :)


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