Monday, 6 June 2011

Greetings from Mississippi!

I'm blogging this morning from a tiny speck on the map somewhere in the Mississippi countryside. The temps are hot, the air is thick and the kitties are abundant. Loving my week off!

The best part is... while we're relaxing here, our kitchen, foyer and guest bathroom are getting new tile. Excited to come home next Saturday to see the results!

Here is the tile we chose for all three spaces (sorry for the cell phone pics):

It's the bottom layout, in that same tile pattern. The color up close is a blend of greys and tans which is exactly what I was looking for to balance out the warms and cools in the house.

I also finally picked out our backsplash!

This isn't actually the tile pattern but it's the same color. I opted for the 3"x6" subway tile because I had my heart set on subway from day one. I trashed the idea of stone after realizing that a) I couldn't find a color I liked that wasn't too busy next to the granite, and b) stone counter + stone floors + stone backsplash is just too much stone for me.

The color is a warm silvery shade that pulls directly from base tones in the counters. I spent a while looking for the perfect shade to match and finally found it via the Lowe's custom order catalog. Unfortunately it doesn't come cheap, but it's worth it in the end to get something you really love!

As for the guest bathroom, I've never really posted pics of it but I managed to snap a couple before shots before the demo began:

Here's after Brad took a hammer to it:

On Saturday we'll come home to new floors and a new white toilet, hallelujah! Next we just have to find a vanity, mirror and lighting and we'll have made some significant improvements.

We've only been gone two days and I already miss this girl like crazy....

New collar via etsy

But Susie was a bad kitty. She used her claws for evil and tried to climb our dresser with devastating results. So we took care of the problem.

For $1.72... best invesment EVER. And she still loves us :)

Be back with after pics next week!

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