Sunday, 12 June 2011

We're back... with a new kitchen!

Our plane touched down in Florida yesterday evening.

It was sad to leave such a happy vacation, but good to be home to Susie and some major improvements to the house!

We walked into the kitchen to find this...

New floor tile and backsplash! Big change from when we left. I'm kind of in love with this floor tile... it looks so much like travertine, but it's actually porcelain which is great for easy maintenance.

And our backsplash glass tile turned out nice too... although our tile guy had some issues cutting clean edges so we're going to have him re-do some areas.

We used the same floor tile in the foyer:

And in the guest bathroom (along with a new dual flush white toilet):

So our house had a fairly productive week. There's so many more projects to tackle right away... I don't know what to do next! On the immediate to-do list is a new vanity/mirror/repaint of the guest bath, open shelving and cabinet paint in the kitchen, refinish a new dining table, and complete master bath overhaul. Those should all be done this summer, if not sooner! We'll see what we can pull of for next weekend... stay tuned :)


  1. What company and color gray did you paint the walls. It looks great!

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