Monday, 25 July 2011

Painting progress

Here are some priming progress pics taken on Sunday :)

Standing in the sitting room, facing south. Double doors to the righ lead into the foyer, the two "openings" next to that will have glass inserts in them.

Standing in the meals area, facing north, dining room right in front of me, and then sitting room in front of the window.

Standing in the kitchen, facint north, towards the foyer and sunspace upstairs.
Cornice in the foyer :)

Standing in the kitchen, facing north. The little door on the left, and underneath the staircase will be our pantry. The door to the right leads into the foyer, and on the right is the dining room and further up the sitting room.

Standing in the family room, again facing north. The kitchen is on the left, to the right of the kitchen will be the meals area, further up the dining room, and right next to the window - the sitting room.


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