Sunday, 17 July 2011

Would you add another row of tiles?

We are having 90cm high vanities and our ceilings are 2.7m high. Our splashback will be ... tiles ... and then a mirror will go all the way to the ceiling.

As it currently stands, our ensuite splashback will be only 15cm high and the kids bathroom (the one with the bath) will be 18cm. Do you think this is too low to be practical? Or is it fine? Should we add another row of tiles?

Adding another row of tiles would make the mirrors start at 135cm from the floor in the ensuite, and 138cm from the floor in the kids' bathroom.

What do you think? Add another row of 300mm tiles to make the splashbacks 45cm (ensuite) and 48cm (main bathroom) or leave them at 15cm and 18cm?



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