Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Semi-wall hung vanities

I've always wanted custom-made wall hung vanities in all our bathrooms and powder rooms. However, our plumber was unable to fit the pipes inside the walls, so the pipes are now sticking out from the wall, not by much, but still sticking out none the less. We are tiling our floors and walls in same tiles and also tiling behind the vanities.

I'am thinking about these semi-wall hung vanities and although they look ok on vanities that stretch from wall to wall I am not sure about the ones that dont. For example:

This one I don't like at all. The little wall that the vanity rests on stands out a bit too much. But this is what I mean by the issue we will have with vanities that don't stretch from one wall to the other :(

So this one doesn't look so bad from this angle, but you see what I mean.

And this is our powder room scenario. I guess the second picture looks slightly better? What do you think?

Semi-wall hung vanities are giving me a headache. Should I just forget about them and stick with the standard ones?


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