Friday, 13 September 2013

A self portrait plus a life update

Eek, happy Friday the 13th! ;) Today's Blogtember topic is simply a self portrait. Here it is, folks! This is the way my face looks most of the time. Half covered by a camera. ;)

I thought I'd also take this opportunity (you know, an easy day in the challenge), to write a little about what's going on in my life at the moment. As many of you know, we are waiting on our house to be built, and in the meantime living with my mom. (read a little more about that here if you haven't already.)

Well, it's been five months since we signed the contract with our builder, and over four months since we've been living with my mom. We were thinking our house would be done by early to mid October, WORST case scenario - but currently the house is only about 40% finished. The build has been going at an absolute snail's pace. To add insult to injury, a house directly across the street from ours, that was started only about a week before ours and ISN'T EVEN SOLD YET, is about 2-3 weeks from being completely finished. The bastards. Yes, we are bitter about it.

We're still making the best of the situation, but it's hard to feel in-limbo for so long. Hard for us, and hard for my mom to have perpetual house-guests, I'm sure. The stress of the whole thing is really starting to take a toll on Matthew and I a bit, and we're ready to have this weird living/waiting situation behind us.  However, at this point I just know the move into the new place is going to be the biggest stress-ball of all, since it will likely be taking place during the absolute busiest time of year for my photography business, not to mention immediately before/during the holidays. Sigh.

But we are blessed, we are blessed, we are blessed. I know it's true, and I really am happy despite our less-than ideal situation. Life just isn't ideal sometimes, now is it?

Other than all that, I am just plugging away at the upkeep of this blog and my business, which I'm so proud to say has really taken off for me lately. I wake up every morning completely EXCITED to jump into my work. It's pretty much the best thing ever!

So those are the two things that have been consuming my life, as of late. The build/wait on our home, and being the best small business owner I can be. Life isn't very exciting right now, but that's OK. There are seasons of life. I think this one we're currently in coincides with the actual season - it's just a long, hot summer. But after summer comes fall, and that's my favorite season of all. :)

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Sounds pretty darn amazing, right?! Get to know the coaches here, take a look at the FAQ page here, and reserve your spot ASAP if you'd like in on it. Spaces are limited and the course begins October 1st.

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