Friday, 27 September 2013

The Facebook one

Day 19 of Blogtember. Can you believe Monday is the last day? But today... An anonymous letter to your Facebook friends. Be as snarky as you'd like. (but don't include people's real names.) 

It turns out that I don't actually have a whole lot of stored up animosity regarding Facebook. I have long since blocked or unfriended all the people that annoy me most, so now Facebook is a mostly peaceful and enjoyable place. 

BUT. Things that will get you blocked or unfriended by me:

- Too many political posts, in either direction. Election time is the absolute worst. It is exactly what is wrong with social media - too many un-censored zealots in dire need of an editor and maybe a Xanex or two. SHUT UP.

- This is too obvious, I know, but people that post way too many photos of their babies/children will also earn themselves a nice swift blocking. We all know your kids are cute and you love them immensely. But we don't need to see 7 terrible cell phone pics of them per day, mmkay?

- Poor grammar. I can't help it. Bad grammar and spelling are the virtual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to me. And I can't help but judge you a little.

- Silent stalkers. The people that are always on, a "like" at the ready (IF that), but never have anything to say or share for themselves. I don't really know why this bothers me, but it does. I guess it just seems a little TOO voyeuristic, if you're so keen to peek in on all your friends' lives but never willing to share anything of your own, or even reach out to others with a text, email, or an actual nice comment (which, yes, might take thought).  

- Slutty selfies will also earn you a swift blocking. I have no idea why so many girls feel the need to post constant photos of themselves in bikinis or low cut shirts. It just screams "LOOK AT ME I NEED ATTENTION AND VALIDATION." How about getting attention for doing something good or worthwhile or useful, eh?

- Passive aggression and/or cryptic postings that don't actually say anything but just inject negativity into the universe. BIG pet peeve.

Phew. Felt good to get that off my chest. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say for this one... share your letters in the linkup below! And have a great weekend! :)

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