Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A billionaire's walk in closet

If you thought the bath in my previous post was too .... over the top. Wait 'til you read this :)

Tamara Ecclestone's walk in closet renovation plans... with clothes stored in six rows of wardrobe racks, dedicated to either ‘eveningwear’, ‘casual/gym wear’ or ‘everyday’

Lingerie will be kept in a cabinet with silk-lined drawers, while shoes and handbags will be stowed away on ‘conveyer racks’ allowing Miss Ecclestone to summon the perfect accessory from her collection.
Other designer accessories will be showcased inside glass counters with drawers lined in exquisite leather from French couture designer Hermes.

The dressing room, will have a ‘three-way’ mirror, with a trio of panels ensuring she gets the all-round picture.

But if that’s not enough, the dressing room will also include a ‘vanity TV and camera’ behind another mirror. Using this, she can film her outfit, then transform the mirror to a screen on which to examine it from every angle before leaving the house.

Daily Mail
Thoughts? :)


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