Thursday, 2 February 2012

Good bye blockout curtains, hello sheers!

So MrB wants Somfy motorised curtain tracks for our blockout curtains and blinds. I say they are way too expensive (especially the curtain ones) and there is no way!

And, since we cannot agree I have decided to forget about them for now. So I thought I would concentrate on sheers instead. I am thinking just plain white. But now the problem is… Do I go with poles/rods or tracks? Which ones do you think look better and are more timeless? If we eventually go with tracks for the blockout curtains, would rods look strange/inconsistent in front of tracks?

Also, I guess we need to move the sheers further away from the walls to accommodate for the blockout curtain rod/track. What is the recommended distance from the walls for the sheers (if they are going in front of blockouts)? Will they stick out too much?

Oh, and our ensuite and laundry CS Organic White benchtops were installed yesterday. I am over the Moon! Just need to wait for the plumber to install the sink, basins & taps now!


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