Friday, 17 February 2012

Lot Inspection/Pre-Construction Meeting

This morning was our lot inspection with Kasey. One of our sons was sick, so I stayed home with him while B met with Kasey. They roughed out the location of everything on the lot- house, driveway, septic, well, and propane. They also discussed how deep to dig, soil conditions, etc. This took approximately 2 hours.

That afternoon we had our pre-construction meeting with Heidi. The purpose of this is to finalize EVERYTHING, point by point. This is really the last chance to change everything without adding time and expense. She went through our plan room by room, wall by wall. She highlighted along the way to make sure we covered everything. This meeting took over 3 hours, and there was no down time.

Prior to this meeting the CAD guys draw the blueprints and the team points out any possible concerns or things that just aren’t going to work. For example, I had the island planned with all drawers, but to have electricity there had to be a door unit. So I added door units to each end- I like symmetry. (Our island is going to be HUGE!)  We purchased an Ikea farmouse sink for the kitchen, so she reviewed the instructions to make sure we had the correct base cabinet and the carpenters could install it correctly. This was a very thorough review, and ultimately we did change a few things. We are extremely pleased with our final plans.
Our house:
Don't be jealous of my mad PhotoShop skillz!

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