Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Upholstered beds and bedheads

Our new bedside tables haven't even arrived and I've already decided that we need a new bed. It's ok, our current bed will go in to the guest room, along with the new bedside tables most probably...

There are a couple of reasons why I want a new bed... First of all our queen size looks tiny in our bedroom, and secondly MrB hates our 100% latex mattres as it makes him overheat in summer :(

When combining a headboard with an ensemble, is there a way to fully secure it so it doesn't move?

Ideally I would like a bed + mattress, but who knows how soon I will want a new look again so I'd rather go with the cheaper and easier-to-update alternative *shy*

The amazing thing about a black leather bed is that it shows dust like crazy, forcing me to wipe clean every time I change sheets. I wonder how often I am going to vacuum an upholstered headboard ... How often do you vacuum your upholstered bedhead?

The new look is VERY different from our current (4 year old) modern-black-leather bed ...This is the what I am thinking of:


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