Sunday, 5 February 2012

EXPEDIT shelving unit - temporary closet

Now that our ensuite vanity is almost ready, we will no longer be keeping our everyday clothing in/on it :)

Instead of rushing myself to get the walk in robe sorted out I am thinking of getting some EXPEDIT shelving and keeping it in the walk in robe until I am ready :) - once the walk in is ready I would then move them to either the study/gym or in one of the bedrooms.

I am a folder, so naturally most of our clothes is folded :)

Which one do you think is the most versatile?
Width: 185 cm x Height: 185 cm
Width: 149 cm x Height: 149 cm
A couple of Width: 79 cm x Height: 149 cm


All images are from Pinterest and Google.  
I baked faux fuchsia's famous cheesecake on Saturday and it turned out beautifuly! MrB loved it and so did the guests. YAY!


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