Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What I’m Giving Up (maybe.)

I’m not Catholic and so don’t traditionally observe Lent, but lately I’ve been considering giving something up for a while….. 

And what is that, you may ask? 

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

SHOPPING. GAHthereIsaidit. (Can you sense my inner turmoil?)

There’s something about buying a 2000+ dollar camera plus lens plus accessories that will do that to ya.  Make you question your spending habits and whether or not you can really afford to step foot in another J.Crew for the next, oh, FIVE YEARS. 

But what’s worse is that, as a blogger, I feel it my DUTY to make purchases.  I have rooms in my house to finish so that I may photograph them!  For the blog!  I have outfits that aren’t quite complete or blog-worthy until I buy that extra accessory to go along with them!  Hell, I just need new outfits, altogether!  Spring fashion this year is fabulous! My style is evolving! Must stay current! For the blog!

Well that would all be well and good if there was a money tree growing in our backyard, but I’ve checked and all that’s out there is dog shit.  So I’ve been feeling convicted that, if I want to make some money to be able to buy more stuff, it’s going to take a little bit of sacrificing for a while as I learn the ins and outs of photography and start up my business. 

Sacrifice.  I don’t like that word!  But I’ve noticed that anyone who’s made anything out of themselves in this life was willing to do it.  And for some reason I think what’s required of me, maybe just for the month of March at first (let’s not get carried away), is a bit of a spending freeze.  Or maybe I just allow myself $100 to buy a new dress or as much crap from Forever 21 as I can bleed out of that $100?  I’ll think on this.

Oh, and one more thing.  You know, blogging and blog reading and Pinterest-ing can be THE WORST when it comes to coveting and lusting over material things.  Sometimes I feel like around every bend I’m faced with some FABULOUSIHAVETOHAVEIT item or amazing little shop or “great deal” that I’d be stupid to pass up.  But really, each and every one of us has to look at our unique situation and our end goals and ask ourselves if our spending habits are in line with those goals.  Food for thought.

Here’s a pretty picture.

Feb 21 022-1 Happy Wednesday :)

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