Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Little Update on... Me!

Well it's been an interesting couple of months let me tell you. I've spent lots and lots of time lying on the sofa feeling sad and depressed. I literally felt like I had all the energy zapped out of me. It seriously took all I had just to get dressed in the morning. And if I was getting dressed it wasn't really that impressive. I've truly been living in sweats. Morning sickness is killer. 

I think (knock-on-wood) that I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm 12 weeks. yay! I am still throwing up but I finally have some energy back. It's AMAZING!! Now that I am slowly feeling like myself I'm realizing that my to-do list is miles and miles long. I am sooooo sorry to all my very patient clients. I promise I'll try and catch up. My inbox is like a big black hole right now that I'm trying to organize and make sense of. And let's not even go into the current state of my poor office. 

Here's a really crappy picture I took with my phone today and believe it or not this is after I spent an hour cleaning it. I haven't seen the floor in weeks! 

 To all of you great readers thanks for hanging in there with me. I am hoping that once I start working again I'll have lots of fun things to blog about.

Second Trimester here I come!

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