Monday, 11 February 2013

A bad case of Sleepy Face

I woke up late this morning. My alarm was set for my usual 6:45, but somehow I managed to hit snooze every 10 minutes for over an hour, because when I finally woke up enough to be fully conscious, I was digging around for my iPhone buried deep under my duvet while Hedwig's Theme (yes, that is my alarm, stop judging) was playing for what must have been the umpteenth time. Naturally, the first thing I thought of was CRAP, I have nothing to blog about this morning and I'm getting such a late start! And also naturally, that lead to an outfit post - my Go To when all else fails.

The thing about these particular outfit photos is that, in my opinion anyway, my face looks like it literally just rolled out of bed. (perhaps because it did.) My bottle cap lens glasses truly help to enhance the look, as well. If you think these pictures look fairly normal, then you should see the ones that got left out. My eyes were almost closed in some of them, and it literally looked like I might fall asleep standing up.

SO, excuse me while I continue to caffeinate myself and potentially also dunk my head in a bowl of ice water. That'll do the trick.

{ shirt: Target (past season), Scarf: c/o Pink Bow Bath Boutique (coupon code STORYOFMYLIFE for 15% off your order from the shop!), Jacket: c/o Taylor and Stylist (coupon code STORYOFMYLIFE10 for 10% off your purchase!), Jeans: Madewell (past season), Glasses: (not sure if it's still going on, but I used the code FIRSTPAIRFREE to get my frames at no charge!), Shoes: c/o Blowfish (past season), Bag: Kate Spade (past season) }

Happy Monday!

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