Friday, 8 February 2013


I feel like I shouldn't even start another post without acknowledging what happened here yesterday. The "marital blish" post struck an obvious chord with so many, and I truly enjoyed and appreciated your responses to my thoughts. It's apparent to me, now, that so many of us really crave authenticity from people--we all sort of bond best over those things that make us vulnerable and human and flawed, don't you think? Anyway, thank you again for the very thoughtful comments yesterday, and for taking the time to read a little about our experience.

Speaking of marital "blish," Matthew seems to have come down with strep throat just in time for our anniversary celebration this weekend... poor guy. Looks like we'll be sitting down to some brothy chicken soup instead of filet mignon tonight, but that's OK. I love that guy, and there will be other days for filet mignon.

In entirely unrelated news, how cute is this Harry Potter mug? My best friend had it FedExed to my doorstep last week, and I have already had my coffee in it at least 14 times.

from here, though she sells out about as quickly as she stocks them, apparently. I think you can convo her for an email when more mugs are in stock!

And now, please enjoy a little visit to today's featured sponsors. These ladies are both rising stars in The Land of Blog... both hilarious and fantastic reads. You won't be disappointed!

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If you haven't yet been by Erin's blog, Living In Yellow, than you have definitely been living a dark and lonely, despair-filled existence. OK, so perhaps that's being a tad bit dramatic, but really. Erin has been lighting up the world lately with her hilarious posts (did you SEE the one about SECRETS? I literally spent an entire evening reading the comments. Couldn't rip myself away), incredible blogging tips (she is even doing blog consulting now! what an amazing idea!), and otherwise awesome content that will surprise and amuse you each and every day. Fall in love with her first over here, then dive into the archives. I'm so confident you'll be glad you did. :)

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Next up is adorable Alexa of Southern Living, Our Way. Alexa never. fails. to make me laugh and smile (I mean, just check out today's post, and you'll get a tiny little taste of her funny sense of humor... and then go read the rest of them, while you're at it). You might also like to stop in over at the about page for a little meet and great session, just before heading over to Alexa and Glenn's wedding photos, which will totally make you smile and possibly also drool a little bit. Go forth and conquer! This is another great read I'm happy to introduce you to.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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