Friday, 1 February 2013

Misikko Valentine's Day Special

You may recall I've written a couple reviews for in the past  (the first for a hair dryer, the second for a flat iron), and today I have the pleasure of once again filling you all in on the good stuff going on over there at Misikko! These fine folks sent me over a curling iron to try out this time, and also so that I could show you how darn awesome their Valentine's Day swag box is.  If there are any guys out there reading... hello?! PERFECT Valentine's Day gift for the lady in your life. You can shop Valentine's boxes here (Misikko's top rated items).

This is what my particular box arrived looking like:

top layer: faux roses, teddy bear, bath petals, cute heart thingees.

bottom layer: your styling product of choice, makeup brush, lipgloss, eyelash curler, and case for your styling tool.

I am basically a failure as a woman, because I have never, not even once, owned a curling iron or even attempted to curl my hair with one. I sometimes use my flat iron to make curls, but this curling iron thing.... all new to me. And it's funny, because learning a new tool makes one (me, anyway) feel like the biggest loser in the world. I must have watched 14 curling iron tutorials on YouTube, burned my fingers, hands, and ears about that many times, and generally felt like I had two left hands (I am right-handed). BUT, I finally started to get the hang of it, especially after poor Shalyn came over and helped me (thanks Shayboo!). Here's a few photos from my lesson... I'll have to do another post with a full head of waves!

I certainly don't blame Misikko for my ineptitude in the hair-curling department. This curling iron was fantastic, and the package it came in was really over-the-top awesome. Misikko makes their customers feel special and goes above and beyond to provide you with the best buying experience. The swag box is always awesome (see my first and second reviews for proof!), only this time it's Valentine's Day themed (packages here). So certainly consider this fine website for all your hair styling needs... or email this post to your men who might need a little hint on a gift for you. :) Happy Weekend!

*note: the curling iron I have above is not on the website yet, but there are lots of other great ones here.

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