Thursday, 14 February 2013

A picture an hour

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you all have a nice day, single or taken, and remember you are loved.

I've seen this "a picture an hour" post around on different blogs lately (I think it originated here), and yesterday I thought I'd try it. It was kind of hard since I often sit at my computer for hours at a time, but good because it challenged me to take little breaks and do other things... can't just keep taking pictures of my keyboard. ;)

These photos don't necessarily represent everything I did that hour - they are just a little scene I saw. It was definitely an uneventful day (nothing too exciting happened), but that's sort of a day in the life around here. I sit on my butt, working on stuff on the computer, from dawn til dusk many days. I wish yesterday I had some exercise to show for myself, but alas, I did not.  Here are my pictures...

* * * * *

7 am - Gracie and Cooper get breakfast :)

8 am - my favorite breakfast lately: scrambled eggs with pico de gallo mixed in and fresh avo on top. Fruit on the side, a glass of water, and vitamins. :)

9 am - Get to work. This heart wallpaper from design love fest makes me smile.

Second cup of coffee came early. Yep, one of those kind of days...

10 am - Snoozing happily while Mommy works.

11 am - still working. Cooper in his regular post under my chair or desk. Bored and wishing we were on a walk.

12 noon - went to visit Norman while my mom was volunteering. Such a little goob.

1 PM - lunch of champions: multigrain cheerios.

Cleaned kitchen - the before was atrocious.

2 pm - I believe in power naps.

So does Cooper.

3 pm - a little french press coffee for an afternoon pick me up before getting back to work...

4 pm - editing pictures is better with a "Caramel Delight" Girl Scout cookie.

5 pm - took a break to paint my fingers and toes in preparation for the big day. Red with gold glitter. :)

6 pm - french dip sandwich for din din... veggie chips and an apple on the side.

7 pm - nightly bathtime ritual... this is my favorite place in the house.

Tired face and messy hair. A good day. :)

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