Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Front fence proportions ... what do you think?

So the front yard landscaping and fence plan is not yet finished, but with your help I am getting there :)
Thank you lovely people for all your help to date.
What pillar height should we go for? I've drawn them as 1.6m high. What do you think? Make them smaller?

Also, what do you think of the wall height? I've drawn the hedges behind the fence and along the front path as 1m tall, and the wall in the first drawing is 300mm and in the second 600mm high, what do you think? Which do you prefer, if any?

1.6m pillars, 1m hedge and 300mm wall

1.6m pillars, 1m hedge and 600mm wall

Do you think the brick fence in a matching brick as our house would look too matchy? Should we instead get it rendered? Or something else perhaps?

Also, our fence footings are only 300mm wide, do you think 300x300 posts look .... too skinny? What can we do to improve the appearance?

Do you think the two posts so close to each other in between the front path and the driveway looks odd?

PS. You will notice that I removed the hedges along the fence on both sides. I am worried that our 400mm garden bed in between the driveway and fence is way too narrow for a hedge and that it would be too high maintenance and/or scratch our cars :( - I will leave this for a separate post I think. Ugggh. So many things to consider, so many decisions to be made...

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