Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Stepping stone front path - grass or pebbles in between?

I love the look of stepping stone front paths and would like one in front of our house. Our path will be 1.6m wide to match the front doors, and only 4.6m long. On either side, there will be a 1.1m garden bed with a hedge on the outside and another plant on the inside...

I love the look of grass in between stepping stones, but have heard that small patches of grass in between stone/concrete don't cope very well. Also, there would be a fair bit of effort required in setting up the metal edging in between the grass and mulched garden beds on the outside of the path and there would have to be irrigation for the tiny bits of grass as well... Maybe this wouldn't be a big deal because the path is only 4.6m long. Hmmm

Or should we go with pebbles in between the stepping stones? It would be very low maintenance, but would trap dirt and wouldn't look as nice. Hmmm.

Or just lay a solid path in an exposed aggregate to match the driveway and path around the house?

Am I over analysing this? What would you do?

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