Friday, 18 October 2013

Forget your phone this weekend.

Have you seen this? Pretty eye opening for those of us so immersed in a technology and communication-drenched culture. Just a little food for thought going into your weekend. Happy FRIDAY.

PS - I am doing sponsor features a little differently now. My advertisers will now write their own Friday introductions, since they know their blog or business best! Please take a moment to visit today's features... they make this blog possible, and I am so thankful for each and every one.

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Bonjour! My name is Mal and I blog over at Lazy Boleyn. I am a French born newlywed and teacher always thirsty for knowledge and motivated to achieve my goals in life. I started Lazy Boleyn last August to share ideas and thoughts on various topics and anything that strikes my fancy. An avid reader, I am constantly looking for new books to add on my reading list and publish book reviews once a week. I am also a huge history nerd and wish I could travel back in time and meet my favorite historical ladies like the wonderful Anne Boleyn. The Boleyn in my blog name is a tribute to her and the lazy term is for me… although I'm not that lazy when it comes to blogging or watching television shows! Every once in a while I like to make fashion sets inspired by my favorite TV characters' style and share recipes and travel posts. I sometimes write some more personal posts and if you want to know more about me, please read these 10 facts and my first dreamtelling post. Stop by anytime!

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Hello everyone! On my online place, Life of TOI, I go by my initials TOI. I was born in Ghana, raised in Italy, lived in the UK for five years and currently living in Canada with my husband and toddler daughter. We are expecting our second baby due in January 2014. You can read a little more about me here, if you want. I'm a writer and I recently completed my first contemporary young adult novel. I am looking for an agent and/or a publisher to get it into the world {if I ever manage to get over re-writing the synopsis stage, which is harder than writing the novel itself}. I love great literature that push me out of my comfort zone. Photos that capture the beauty in the ordinary life. Leonardo DiCaprio! On my blog I share our everyday lifemy pregnancy journeyportrait of my child {soon children}, letters to my children, motherhood, travels, the things that I like, the things I sometimes fear to share like this and my journey as a writer. Really, you can expect variety because I believe we are all beautifully and complicatedly made. I hope you enjoy your time there and join our journey. Stop by anytime! 

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Hi! My name is Maureen and I write She is Moments from Arlington, VA - Right outside of beautiful Washington, D.C. By day, I am the Marketing Manager at a Digital Agency specializing in Website Design. But She is Moments is where I share my joy. When you visit She is Moments you will find healthy and yummy recipes, helpful tips, pictures of my life, fun things to try, and musings on some hard life topics. I believe that being authentic is beautiful and I try to do that with each and every post. A few fun facts about me… I just turned 28, I get into pajamas as soon as humanly possible after work, I love to hang out with friends, try dinner in new places, go to the movies with Josh, or take a yoga class. On my blog you’ll find honesty, antics, and authenticity. I hope to hear from you soon! 

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