Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thoughts on personal style (+a Penn Avenue Eyewear giveaway!)

Jeans and shirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: c/o Minnetonka, Glasses: c/o Penn Avenue Eyewear

I have been thinking a lot about personal style lately. It's something that's pretty important to me and also something I've always "struggled" with, for lack of a less dramatic word. The thing is, I love a lot of different kinds of styles, and I can be fairly easily influenced by other stylish people I admire or, let's face it, FREE CLOTHES. When you're a blogger and also tight for cash, and people start offering you free clothes, you figure you can't be too picky, right?

The thing that's been bothering me lately, though, is that when I open my closet each day to find something to wear, so little of it really resonates with me. My closet has turned into this weird thing full of free clothes that aren't really even ME. Aren't what I feel most comfortable in, aren't what actually reflects my tastes, when you get down to it. A couple days ago I tried to put together an outfit for a blog post, and it felt so weird and contrived and, as a result, it looked terrible on me. Then the next day, I thoughtlessly threw on this outfit in the photos above and below, just to run an errand, and I felt so comfortable and great in it and, even though it isn't really Blogger Perfect whatsoever, I felt like I was being true to myself, and that is a good way to feel.

So maybe this wonderfully boring outfit today is just sort of my way of starting over, starting with a simple, clean palette, and making a pact (with myself and with you) that I'm not going to compromise my own tastes anymore. (Though maybe I never really was - maybe I had to learn for sure what isn't me before I could know what really is?) 

Jeans and shirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: c/o Minnetonka, Glasses: c/o Penn Avenue Eyewear

The fine folks at Penn Avenue Eyewear are sponsoring SOML for the next few months and would love to give away one complete pair of prescription glasses or non-prescription sunglasses to a reader... sweet, huh? The ones I'm wearing above are the Morgan frames in tortoise, and I absolutely love them. Enter for your chance to win a pair in the Rafflecopter below, and good luck! :)

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