Monday, 28 October 2013

Mexico Parte Uno

It won't feel much like fall over here on SOML this week, so if you're already tired of talking about pumpkin spice lattes and visits to the apple orchard, I might have just the reprieve you need. 

It was strange to leave our meager Texas fall behind last week and head to a hot desert climate like Mexico... strange, but in a good way. As you may already know, I was invited to photograph several events within a corporate trip to Los Cabos, and I mean, come on now. Pretty sweet. Matthew tagged along and we made a fun little getaway trip out of it. And can I just say I really love photographing events? It's so interesting to experience the entirety of an event as the fly on the wall, flitting about within groups of people... catching snippets of conversation... being there, but not really there. I really love it. I don't see wedding photography in my future because that's just not my thing (zero passion there!), but I have so enjoyed capturing birthday parties, showers, and this recent foray into corporate photography. Send me to an exotic locale and I'll take pictures of damn near whatever you want! ;)

Can I also say it was pretty freaking cool to turn the tables for once and be the one sending us on a cool trip? We've been to some awesome places thanks to Matthew's old job (South America, most recently, my favorite part of which was experiencing Machu Picchu!), but this one was all me, and it just feels nice when hard work pays off in unexpected ways. 

Happy Monday, my friends...

PS - We stayed at the Fiesta Americana Grand... great resort!

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