Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Don't go to bed angry, and other fallacies

Jacket: Stitch Fix (my fixes have been rocking lately!), Shirt: J. Crew, Jeans: Banana Republic, Boots: Franco Sarto, Glasses: c/o Penn Avenue Eyewear

Before I start this (very short) story, you will need some background info. You see, Matthew is a germaphobe. Germaphobe through and through, and this affliction condition trait has only worsened become more intense in him over the last year or so, because he has been sick pretty often and is just fed up with it, I suppose. So we are those people who bring Wet Ones to the movie theater and airport and restaurant and grocery store, etc. I distinctly remember our first date, when Matthew excused himself to wash his hands before dinner. I was like "what? Oh! Okay! I, uh, washed my hands a bit ago when I went to the bathroom (four hours earlier, oops). But I was impressed. A guy with good hygiene, nice!  Fast forward five years and his germaphobia is no longer quite as endearing, but it is what it is. He has good reason to be this way, so I try to be sensitive to that fact.  OK. Background info complete. 

Over the weekend, Matthew and I both woke in the wee hours of Saturday morning with sore throats, which is pretty much the most calamitous thing that could happen in Matthew's world, based on his long history with strep throat. Naturally, he blamed me for his affliction (since I am not nearly as clean as he is) and commenced banging shit around at 1:45 in the morning in search of cough drops. I thought to myself whatever! and rolled over and went back to sleep. Due to my excellent immune system (muhahaha), the bug blew right over me and never really turned into anything, but Matthew's blossomed into full-on strep throat. Despite that, he left for the ranch to help his dad out with some stuff, all the while harboring a grudge against me and my germiness, which came to a head that evening when we chatted on the phone, once again, about how insufficient my hand washing is, etc, etc, and how I should be more sensitive to his fragile state of health. I was (am) PMSing, and this has become a sensitive topic between us in recent months, so shit hit the fan and escalated until Matthew made the claim he would now cook all his own meals, and I was like "Great! You do that! Bye!" CLICK. 

We went to bed angry. Very angry. And you know what? EVERYTHING IS FINE. We talked about it the next day, both apologized, and it's aaaall good. I see no point in duking it out when everyone is tired and sick and/or on a hormonal rampage. That could definitely make things worse, and people could say things they never meant to say, and do damage. I don't know about you, but everything looks so much less unforgivable to me in the morning.

How does this tie into today's outfit post? Well, I feel the same concept applies to picking outfits. Sometimes it's just better to wait 'til morning, when you're not like "I AM NOT FASHIONABLE, I CANNOT EVEN PUT TOGETHER A SHIRT AND PANTS." Not that that happened.

Such deep thoughts this morning. Now go forth and conquer your day! ;)

Jacket: Stitch Fix (my fixes have been rocking lately!), Shirt: J. Crew, Jeans: Banana Republic, Boots: Franco Sarto, Glasses: c/o Penn Avenue Eyewear

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