Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dominican Joe

I enjoy a good cup of coffee. I even specifically remember when I started enjoying it, too. Up until a certain point, I thought coffee was disgusting and I didn't know how my parents could endure the taste. But then one day, probably about 7 years ago now, I was in New York with my best friend, and we were staying with her aunt. We had to get up super early on a chilly fall morning, like before the sun early, because we were catching the train into the city. My friend's aunt made a pot of hazelnut coffee, and we all drank a cup before we headed out. I remember the aroma of it mingled with the excitement for the day ahead, and I remember falling in love with that flavor and that smell and maybe even the possibilities I've associated with a good cup of joe ever since. :)

I also enjoy a good coffee shop, and there are plenty to choose from here in Austin. A couple of my other favorites are Houndstooth and Vintage Heart. Today I'm sharing some photos from Dominican Joe. Such a great little place, and a company with conscience. Stop by, if you're ever in the neighborhood! 

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