Friday, 30 August 2013

Photo shoot with Smitten Imagery

Last month I had the real pleasure of working with Brittney of Smitten Imagery for the second time - remember these? That was back when she had a different biz name! I am so proud of Brittney and all she's accomplished in the last couple of years - she's truly honed her skills and even started shooting film, which accounts for most of these images. I feel so lucky to count her among my friends and fellow professionals. I've learned so much from her already! She is actually the one who first recommended I try this tutorial I'm always raving about. I am so incredibly grateful that she did.

Brittney and my sister in law and I had an amazing time at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell, practicing boudoir photography indoors and frolicking around outdoors in the fields for some regular portraits. Below are a few of my favorites from our outdoor photos! Don't hesitate to hire Brittney if you're anywhere near the Houston/The Woodlands area. Girl knows her stuff, and she'll make you look gooood. ;)

dress from Madewell (on sale!)
And now for today's featured SOML sponsors! Pay these lovely ladies a visit - I think you'll be glad you did!
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Girl Meets Baby is an incredibly beautiful blog by an incredibly beautiful girl called O.E. - learn a little more about that name AND the lady behind it right over here! I think you'll be smitten with her unique and captivating writing style after just one post - like perhaps one of her Therapy Thursdays entries like this one. Amazing, right? If that hasn't convinced you yet, read this one. Absolutely beautiful. Reads like a book you don't want to put down, right? You will love this girl, her sweet family, and her truly one-of-a-kind blog. 

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After April is a blog by another total sweetheart named Amber Marie - fall in love with her right over here. Amber Marie started After April a month after her father passed away - she turned something tragic and hard into something that motivated her to put beauty out there into the world. I have had the pleasure of getting to know this girl via the blog world, and she is just one of those you'll love to meet. Read her post called "Perspective Object" here - it's one of my favorites, and really makes you think. Enjoy!

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Happy Friday :)

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