Thursday, 15 August 2013

W.D. Deli, San Antonio

My best friend Megan lives in San Antonio, and the last time I visited her there, she suggested we try W.D. Deli for lunch. "San Antonio has cute places too, you know!" she said, and away we went. Many don't know this, but I actually lived in San Antonio for 12 years - from age ten all the way up through 22. But I don't feel like I really got to experience the city during my adult life. It tends to hold weird memories for me, so I stick to my hallowed Austin ground for the most part. But I am enjoying it now as I slowly discover a different side of S.A. from what I experienced in high school and college there. Three cheers for that!

Any readers out there live in San Antonio and have some recs for cool restaurants or fun things to do? Oh, and no need to mention Magnolia Pancake Haus - been obsessed with that place for years. Can't seem to crank out a post about it, since I'm too busy stuffing my face whenever I'm there.... ;)

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