Sunday, 15 January 2012

Formal lounge furniture arrangement - Continued

I have finally had a chance to draw up some of your suggestion from my Formal lounge furniture arrangement post. Thank you so much for all those who commented <3

You've helped me realise that I love the look of armchairs and a sofa. However, the reason why I originally wanted two sofas was because I see them as value for money and can seat more people that way. We have a relatively big immediate family (brothers, sisters and their little ones) and although I originally wanted to be able for us all to fit in this space maybe that is not such a good idea ... I mean I am not a fan of separating generations but it looks like this might be the only solution...

So what do you think of some of these suggestions now that they've been drawn up? I hope I was able to correctly represent your suggestions :)

I am also thinking about combining the first image with a bench (similar to the one Brooke is getting). I would obviously have to move the chairs further down first... and then have the bench in front of the window... However, my concern is that because the window is so low, and with no backrest people would be leaning on the window (and possibly breaking the window, or the very least getting the curtains dirty *shy*).

There will be no TV in this room.
Suggested by the lovely HMB

Suggested by both KP and Trish :)
Suggested by Anna
Suggested by M
Another suggestion by Trish


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