Friday, 13 January 2012

My laundry secrets :)

Almost everyone I know hates doing the laundry. I don't mind it at. Why? Because I don't spend much time doint it ... On average, I probably only spend 5 minutes a day, for the two of us. How you might ask?
  • I hardly do any ironing. I only iron Mr B's special occasion outfits (eg. weddings etc).
  • I FOLD everything as I take it off the clothes airer.
  • We have an Antonius ikea sorting system where everything gets sorted as soon as it comes off. MrB is well trained and cooperates :)
  • I don't use an outdoor clothes line, but instead a HWS clothes airer. I keep it in the laundry by the sliding door, so it gets some sunlight, but at the same time the clothes don't get damaged/fade from heavy exposure to the sun. Also, there is no risk of them getting wet :) Win-Win!
And here are the steps I/we follow:
  1. The sorting system is kept in our walk through robe, which is in between our ensuite and bedroom.
  2. Everything gets sorted in the 4 baskets as soon as it comes off. Nothing is left on the bathroom or bedroom floor. From top to bottom: Large basket: towels and whites; Large basket: darks; Small basket: delicates darks; Small basket: delicates lights.
  3. As soon as one of the large baskets is full I place it in front of our bedroom door for MrB to take to the laundry on his way down the stairs the following morning.
  4. I load the washing machine and shake & hang the washing on our clothes airer.
  5. Once dry, I FOLD everything as I take it off the clothes airer. (I believe that this is the key to no ironing)
  6. I don't go upstairs specifically to take the clean laundry! I leave it on the dining table for us to take as we go up.
  7. Bedding is exempt from the sorting system and gets washed as soon at it comes of the bed.
Do you have any laundry secrets, tips or tricks? I would love to hear them! :)


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