Sunday, 22 January 2012

Help me style our kitchen, please :)

Although we still haven't got our glass splashback, I am certain it will be pure white. I would love to have everything ready for when it arrives and am hoping you can help me with that :)

How would you style our very plain, white kitchen? I like the non-tacky, display home/magazine look :)
I am not into pinks, reds or purples. I am keen on having leaves in a vase on the island.

Here are all the ugly, colourless and lifeless things that are currently on our benchtop against the wall :(
  • Global knife block - I will have to buy those wooden drawer inserts for these and keep in one of the drawers.
  • Avanti oil & vinegar set - I could live without these if you think they should go :)
  • Our 4 year old Russell Hobbs kettle and toaster - we use these once a day (every day) and as much as I have tried for us to try live without them, I don't think we could live with them being hidden away and having to take them out and put back every day :( - I would be happy to buy new ones though, as these have been screaming to get replaced for some time now. So I guess we can't have the display home/magazine look anyway :(

I would like 4 of these bar stools for the island... if only those Freedom buggers would put them on sale. Grrrr

Is it possible to prettify a kitchen by using appliances or are these too tacky? *shy*
I've got these Avanti canisters, which I keep sugar etc in, but they are kept in a cabinet. Should I put something pretty/colourful and have them on display instead? Or should they stay behind closed doors? :)


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