Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Having second thoughts about floating shelves...

Thank you all so much for your feedback and comments on my previous post about our home office.

Having thought about it further …I am now having second thoughts about floating shelves :(

The desk has to stay where it is :( because of the Internet/C-bus points that are already in place...

I have never been about pretty homely things before… and have never had anything decorated/prettified before… so being the first room to get done this is a big deal to me *shy*.

So, because I want to make the desk and the area around it pretty… I would like to show it off… to both myself and my guests (without having to drag them to the other side of the room) *shy*. I just wish it was visible from the door

The reason why I put the internet point (as well as all other C-bus points) along the wall where I’ve placed the desk is because I wanted to give privacy to whoever is using the computer… but now I am begging to regret this… because if we go ahead with the home office/gym plan, the first thing you will see when you walk inside the room will be gym equipment :(

Although nothing spectacular (but to me is a big deal as mentioned before) this is what I imagined the desk/above desk area being prettified by: Ikea frams with cute prints, colourful storage boxes etc...

Here is the window, door layout for the room as well as its dimensions. Also, not that it makes any difference, but there are bulkheads all around the room.

Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I mean it's not like any of our friends/family members would care or get the pretty things anyway ...


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